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Geriatric Care

Understanding Geriatric Care: How does it differ from normal care?

If you have an elder one in your family, you might have come across a term called ‘Geriatric Care’ at many times. Doctors and medical …

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Loneliness in Senior Citizens

Loneliness: A Demonic Peril for Senior Citizens

As a person ages with time, there is a significant decline in the social circle and social activity. It is no wonder that most of …

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Heart Attack in Seniors

6 Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack in Seniors You Should Know

If you have an elderly person at your home or you are a caretaker offering senior personal care services, you need to understand that elders …

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yoga in old age

Yoga in Old Age: Marvelous Health Benefits it Promises

No one can stop time or reverse the ageing process. And everybody knows as we age with time, our body starts signaling that we need …

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stay healthy during old age

5 Rules You Must Abide by to Stay Healthy During Old Age

You will agree with the fact that elders require continuous medical attention and have special health care needs. If you are an elderly person, you …

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assisted living services benefit

5 Ways Assisted Living Services Benefit Senior Citizens

As your parents and grandparents age with time, it is harder for them to cope up with daily struggles and live a peaceful life. Many …

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Transitional Care & Rehabilitation

Transitional Care & Rehabilitation: How Rehab Administrations Help?

Called the ‘boomerang effect’, medical institutions face this phenomenon of patient bouncing back right after getting discharged. Generally seen in older adults, readmission after being …

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Benefits Of Continuing Care Communities For Seniors

4 Benefits Of Continuing Care Communities For Seniors

Living can be hard during old age. As children take their own paths and leave a parent’s home owing to career and educational commitments, it …

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papayacare feature img|Early signs and symptoms of Parkinsons disease

8 Early signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s is a long-term degenerative disorder that is seen commonly among elders and impacts the ability of a person to move freely. A patient of …

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Senior Care

6 Common Health Concerns That Complicate Senior Care

Senior care is challenging at every step. With every passing day, a new healthcare challenge emerges and not everyone is equipped to handle it on …

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Assisted Living Healthcare Services for Seniors

Why Choose Assisted Living Healthcare Services for Seniors?

Ageing is a difficult and painful process. Not only because of growing health issues but also because of lack of companionship and independence. Families aiming …

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Facts about Dehydration in elderly

10 Facts about Dehydration Every Senior Should Know

Water is the most important fluid for humans, irrespective of their age. But as one becomes old, remaining properly hydrated becomes even more important. Dehydration …

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