Understanding Geriatric Care: How does it differ from normal care?

Geriatric Care

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If you have an elder one in your family, you might have come across a term called ‘Geriatric Care’ at many times. Doctors and medical professionals use this term to denote senior healthcare requirements. But what exactly is geriatric care? Do you know the elements of specialized care of seniors? Let us help you find out.

Categorially, geriatric care has been classified into two segments: care given by medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and medical staff and coordinating care offered by caretakers specialized in senior care. While doctors look after the physical health and well-being of an elder, caretakers are responsible for maintaining a routine, diet, including exercise, taking care of personal needs and other needs that arise due to old age.

Medical Professionals engaged in Geriatric Care

If we dissect geriatric care category-wise, doctors, and medical professionals form the first part of senior health care services. They are equipped with the qualification, experience, and expertise to handle complex medical issues due to old age. A specialist geriatrician understands the changes that happen in the body due to aging and prescribes medicine and treatment that will suit an adult in old age.

Being in touch with a specialist doctor is very important for better geriatric care as they know everything related to dementia care, Alzheimer’s care and other old-age specific ailments. Specialist doctors know how the old person will react to a treatment better than a general physician and can take care of medical emergencies such as rapid dehydration or delirium in a better way.

Home Care, Assisted Living and Caregiving Professionals

Being medically fit is only one piece of the puzzle to ensure proper geriatric care for old age individuals. Along with adequate medical care, senior citizens require constant monitoring and support to complete a routine task. Along with that, someone needs to ensure that they are living in a safe environment, taking a proper diet, having a social routine and exercise regularly.

All this are important components of geriatric care and can be effectively taken care of with the help of an assisted living facility or a home care professional. If an elder in old age lives alone, far from the family, he/she should be constantly cared for by trained caretakers.

An assisted living facility adequately handles issues related to geriatric care management. By taking care of both the components of geriatric care- medical well-being and routine fitness and health care, a senior care nursing home can turn out to be a haven for families who have to leave their parents behind alone at home. Such facilities aim at improving the standard of living for seniors by taking care of medical, social, emotional, physical and psychological needs under a single roof.

By combining various elements of senior health care with routine care, such assisted living services are ideal for best geriatric care in the modern times. They take care of accommodation, nutrition, aids completion of routine tasks and give an opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals. By fostering a healthy community closely monitored by trained individuals, it gives a senior complete peace of mind without snatching away the freedom to live on his/her own.

If you are thinking of assisted living facilities for your beloved elders, you must consider Papaya Care, once. With one of the best infrastructural facilities to support specific needs of elders and trained team, Papaya Care offers efficient geriatric care without any lapses. Regular medical checkups, round-the-clock emergency medical support, routine development, diet management, recreation activities and assisted living staff helps a person in old age to live life carefree without needing to take care of property premises, groceries, and other common tasks. So, what are you waiting for? Endow your loved one’s life with the comforts of a senior care nursing home today.

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