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When there is no curative intent, the focus stays on keeping our loved ones comfortable, in minimal pain, and doing what makes them happy. It could be playing soulful, spiritual, or religious music or even listening to the inspiring text, letting them watch through the window, etc. At Papayacare, we keep them in hygienic and clean surroundings that provide them peace and calm. We keep them connected with families, make sense of their last wishes, and try to fulfill them. Talking about life and just staying a part of their lookbacks is what we believe is the way forward.

The highlights of Hospice Care are:

  • 24-hour nurse on site for medicine administration, checking bed sores, and pain management.
  • Caregiver to offer any assistance required, be it feeding, bathing, grooming, changing diapers, etc.
  • Well-lit and sanitized room for maximum comfort.
  • Counseling and constant interaction as and when needed.
  • Laundry and housekeeping services.
  • Creating a spiritual connection in the room through music like bhajans, chants, prayers, etc.
  • Soft and liquid diet as prescribed by doctors.
  • A sincere effort in fulfilling their little-last wishes.
  • Assistance in video calling family members, etc, or enabling constant personal meet-ups in the room.

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