Hospice Care For Senior

Hospice Care for Elderly

Hospice Care for Seniors

Hospice Care for Elderly

When there is no curative intent, the focus stays on keeping our loved ones comfortable, in minimal pain, and doing what makes them happy. It could be playing soulful, spiritual, or religious music or even listening to the inspiring text, letting them watch through the window, etc. At PapayaCare, we keep them in hygienic and clean surroundings that provide them peace and calm. We keep them connected with families, make sense of their last wishes, and try to fulfill them. Talking about life and just staying a part of their lookbacks is what we believe is the way forward.

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Hospice Care

Specialized Hospice care for your loved ones in their time of need. Explore end-of-life care.

The highlights of Hospice Care are

24 Hour Nurse

24/7 nurse for meds, comfort, and pain management


Caregiver support for daily needs

Sanitized Room

Comfortable, well-lit, and sanitized rooms

Positive Conversations

On-demand counseling and interaction


Laundry and housekeeping

Activity Programs

Spiritual ambience with music and prayers

Diet Management

Doctor-prescribed a soft and liquid diet

Efforts in Fulfilling Last Wishes

Fulfilling last wishes

Video Calling

Video calls and in-room family meetings

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