Transitional Care & Rehabilitation: How Rehab Administrations Help?

Transitional Care & Rehabilitation

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Called the ‘boomerang effect’, medical institutions face this phenomenon of patient bouncing back right after getting discharged. Generally seen in older adults, readmission after being discharged as a result of inadequate medical care at home. Old patients are discharged even before they are ready to be shifted to their home without proper focus on rehabilitation and medical care.

Residential transitional care with medical staff aims at improving the ability of older patients to get accustomed to home environment without risking their health and medical condition. Patients are vulnerable during the transition stage and are required to be closely monitored and continuously cared for. Rehab administration in Gujarat improves the quality of life for discharged old patients while taking care of their complex medical conditions, effectively.

Why Choose a Residential Transitional Care Facility?

A transitional care facility is ideal for patients suffering from complex medical condition or elders who have just been operated on. The perfect residential transitional facility is one that provides 24 hours home nurse service based on a patient’s healthcare needs. There are a number of rehabilitation centers that take care of medical as well as personal needs helping a patient with the transition process.

  • Catering to Specialized Medical Needs

During the old age, an individual after being hospitalized, feels weakened, has special medical needs and has to be regularly monitored by professional medical staff. While elders cannot be left to be treated at hospitals for a long time, a residential transitional care facility is equipped with required medical equipment and staff, round the clock. Such facilities fill the gap between a hospital and a home and make a person ready to be shifted to a home.

  • Accelerated Recovery

Discharged patients in old age are to be handled very carefully. It is essential to accelerate the pace of recovery, revive strength and assuring long-term well-being. Facilities with rehab administration in Gujarat offer a caring environment for discharged patients that doctors recommend. As initial days of recovery are very crucial, these facilities offer 24×7 medical and nursing care. Along with routine medical professionals, the facilities also have a team of therapists that motivate elders through various activities. Such facilities have dedicated staff to monitor medication, manage pain and take care of nutritional requirements on time, without fail that helps in speedy recovery.

Old age patients are really sensitive when it comes to medical complexities. Early detection of symptoms and timely intervention is essential to minimize any kind of medical complexities. While families love their elders, they are often not equipped to provide required medical care at home. Also, they are not well-trained to identify the early symptoms of any medical condition. Transitional care facilities have an edge over homes as they promise 24-hours medical care where the patient is monitored continuously, and medical needs are catered efficiently and in time.

If you want your elders who have just been discharged from the hospital to recover back to good health, you must think about a residential transition facility. Apart from 24×7 medical care, such facilities provide the most favorable environment that speeds up recovery and uplifts their mood. While choosing a recovery facility, you should definitely think of Papaya Care. It is one of the most renowned rehab transitional facility with highly-qualified medical as well as general staff to take care of specific needs of elders. Having helped hundreds of patients with ortho care and rehabilitation, Papaya Care is the right place for recovering adults as well as discharged elders with acute as well as chronic medical conditions.

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