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About Us

Since the life span has increased globally, we need some arrangement for our senior family members. In Gujarat, there is no place for elders or seniors, where we can keep our loved ones and have peace of mind for their safety and security; specially, when we are unable to take care of them for different reasons. For example: if you are planning to visit other countries and you are worried, who would take care of your aging parents?


Another example is – Senior Citizens staying in countries like UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand etc. When the winter sets in these countries, climate in Ahmedabad is pleasant. NRIs may wish to come to Gujarat however, may not want to bother relatives by being ‘house guests’ at their place.

You will be best taken care at PAPAYACARE ASSISTED LIVING AHMEDABAD. We can help Senior parents or family members visiting India. For anyone in India (temporarily or for long term), needing day to day care, requiring help visiting doctor, looking for social bonding with the people of same age – PAPAYACARE ASSISTED LIVING is the right place.

If you are a Senior Citizen from Ahmedabad or any place in India, willing to stay independently at a place, where the routines like, desired food, best Laundry facilities, Superior housekeeping are well taken care – PAPAYACARE is the right place for you. Here you can pursue your hobbies and other interests too.

We provide best possible hospitality in homely environment and a great comfort level at PAPAYACARE ASSISTED LIVING FACILTY.

PAPAYACARE understands that each individual is unique and needs different treatment. So if you or your loved ones have a need for short term rehabilitation or long term care, our team would work closely with you and your family. At the same time, we at PAPAYACARE will also work closely with alliance of medical professionals, to create a custom-made plan of care addressing specific needs.

We rely on continuity of care, which is vital for best patient outcomes and quality of life. That is why, we offer various options for each stage in your care cycle, including:

  • Short term rehabilitation after Hip/Knee surgery
  • Home Healthcare and rehabilitation
  • Continuous care for chronic illness
  • Community based care

The Papaya Care team will support you and your family to decide which care option is fitting you or your loved one and will work together to guide you flawlessly through each transitional stage of care.

PAPAYACARE ASSISTED LIVING and Care at Home Service at Ahmedabad, is initiated by one of the Houston based founder SUMI PATEL. She has an experience over 10 years serving as a Healthcare professional at various Houston hospitals. She moved to Ahmedabad to achieve her dream of severing our elders back home at India. She completely understands day to day needs of seniors and shall be privileged to have your dear parents/family member served, for as long as you wish.

Our Mission

PapayaCare Assisted Living Facility’s mission is to provide highest levels of senior care in an affordable way, in ‘home like environment’ with personalized care, support and dignity.

ISO Certificate

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