Psychiatric Care For Senior

Senior Mental Health Care Facility

Geriatric Psychiatric Care

Senior Mental Health Care Facility

Psychiatric disorders can vary, like anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, post-traumatic disorders, depression, disruptive behaviors, etc. Psychiatric care is a team effort between the doctors, prescribed medicine, and the specialized care at the facility like PapayaCare that keeps their moods, tantrums, aggression, or depression managed. Safety and security is our priority, and we continuously work towards keeping their mind engaged and distracted with carefully planned schedules. If they come with a hobby, we focus on it, like music, painting, knitting, stitching, tailoring, etc., so their mind and heart feel engaged. We have counselors on call who can extend them much-needed help.

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Elderly Psychiatric Care

Discover our specialized approach to senior mental health. Elevate mental well-being.

The highlights of Psychiatric Care are

24 Hour Nurse

24/7 nurse for medication

Surveillance Cameras

Secure facility with safety features and cameras

Planned Trips

Caregiver assistance for daily needs


Option for extra caregiver support (additional charges)

Hospital Visits

Staff available for hospital visits on request

Physiotherapy Counseling Services

Therapies and counseling are available


Laundry and housekeeping


On-site hairdresser and grooming services

Calming Activities

Calming activities: meditation, yoga, music

Additional Paid Services

Individual hobby opportunitiess

Birthday celebrations

Celebrations for birthdays and festivals

Wi-Fi Connection

Amenities: 24-hour Wi-Fi, video calls with family

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