Dementia & Memory Care For Senior

Senior Memory Care Nursing Home

Elderly Memory Care Facility

Senior Memory Care Nursing Home

With the development of cognitive impairments or memory issues like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s, comes the struggle to care for them at home. Staying alone with no family to attend to them comes with its risks. They could be potentially prone to falling, wandering off, forgetting medicines, etc. PapayaCare has trained staff with different approaches for memory care assisted living. The key is timely medicine, a set routine, clutter-free space, and productive distractions. We also encourage them to participate in different memory games, sudoku, puzzles, drawings, and conversations of the past, to exercise their grey cells.

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Memory Care

Memory Care that Cares. Get a secure and nurturing environment for your loved ones.

The highlights of Memory Care are

24 Hour Nurse

24/7 nursing care


Dedicated caregivers for comprehensive assistance


Laundry and housekeeping services


Enhanced safety with bathroom bars and surveillance


Stimulating activities: memory games, art, and more

Physiotherapy Counseling Services

Access to hairdresser, salon, physiotherapy, and counselling services

Birthday celebrations

Celebrations for birthdays and festivalss

Wi-Fi Connection

Amenities: Wi-Fi, cable TV, mobile recharge

Video Calling

Assistance with video calls

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