Retaining Muscle Mass and being Concomitant Grandparents

Retaining Muscle Mass in old age|exercising regular and retaining muscle mass

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As we get older our body starts facing some health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, BP, skin problems and many more, but there is one common illness that everyone faces at some point of time, probably something that we come to know after a long period of time. Many a time, the chances would be that it started at a very early age. This problem is losing muscle mass which is scientifically coined as sarcopenia. One start losing muscle mass after the age of 30, per decade one can lose 3% to 5%. Less muscle mass means having weakness, less mobility, high risk of fall, fracture and many more.

Losing muscle mass is a big problem, but not an incurable one. According to Dr. Thomas W. Storer; Director of the Exercise Physiology and Physical Function lab at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital said these lost muscles can be rebuilt with a proper plan, work, dedication, and maintenance. Many senior health cares have understood this problem and also helps old people to retain and rebuild muscle mass. Following are some of the suggestions that would help in Retaining Muscle Mass and being concomitant Grandparents:


A proper exercise plan just not only solve the problem of muscle mass but also protects a lot of other diseases. It also improves the immune system, strength muscle, flexibility, making balance and many more. Having and following a right exercise plan means that you are creating a good and healthy future for yourself. This would become one of the best asserts for yourself. It is never late to start exercising. So, go and consult a doctor and trainer for having the right blueprint of all the exercises suiting your body. Doctors can understand these problems and a trainer can advise you the right treatment for your body. Initially, it is advised to start with some basic exercise and gradually increase the level which helps you gain more benefit out of the exercise. After the strenuous exercise, it is highly important to have the proper rest for the revival of the body.

exercising regular and retaining muscle mass

Having vitamin and protein reach diet:

Vitamins and Proteins are fuel for your body mechanism: something that changes your life properly and adds some extra year to your lifespan. To gain muscle mass protein becomes one of the most important elements for you. Ask your doctor to make a diet plan for you so that they can suggest you the right quantity and items which fulfill not only protein but also include all vitamins which would add more value to your diet. Also, ask the doctor to check vitamin D because vitamin D has a direct effect over your body muscles. The right amount of vitamin D provides directly to your body. Senior health care also provides the right kind of diet plan according to the individual need so that all old people have a customized diet plan.

Hormone stability:

One of the impacts on weight loss is of hormones as hormones directly correlate with stimulation of protein and muscle growth. It also differs according to the gender. Food pattern of the current generations’ men produce less testosterone as compared to previous generations and have more problems of losing mass as testosterone works like fuel for muscle building. Doctors can check and tell you about hormone stability and prescribe you the right treatment if you need. Regular checkups of hormone level would provide you with better results for rebuilding and maintaining your muscle mass.

After the age of thirty, everyone should add “gaining or maintaining muscle mass” in the priority list because the earlier you start less difficulty you would face later. There are tremendous benefits of regular exercise, following proper diets and getting regular checkups. It would provide you with a better life than you could ever expect. Papaya Care knows about these requirements, so they provide regular and proper nutrition-rich food, monthly check-ups, regular exercise schedule and engage you in activities to help you regain body mass. All of this leads to a healthy life, a better life.

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