Yoga in Old Age: Marvelous Health Benefits it Promises

yoga in old age

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No one can stop time or reverse the ageing process. And everybody knows as we age with time, our body starts signaling that we need to take care of health. It is no secret that as an individual age with time, he/she starts experiencing several health issues and might even require specialized senior health care services for care.

To live a happy and comfortable old age, every person should adopt some sort of routine that involves light exercise and meditation. Restorative yoga has a significant impact on the health of a senior and can provide several benefits as the process of aging accelerates with time. With the help of yoga, a senior citizen can deal with joint pain, osteoarthritis, and other issues. Along with common health benefits, yoga also offers the following advantages:

Yoga preserves joint health & restores flexibility

Yoga is a great form of light exercise for seniors that increase the flexibility of joints and preserves their health. With a regular yoga regimen, senior citizens can loosen stiff and be paining joints without tiring themselves. According to researches and medical studies, it is now proven that yoga movements help in the management of osteoarthritis. As yoga consists of low impact motions, it stimulates muscles, keeps joints moving and preserves their health for a long time.

Yoga takes care of body posture, balance & stability

Yogic postures help people in old age to strengthen their muscles and improve body posture and balance. As people age, they find it hard to balance their own body leading to injury due to falling down. When a person regularly practices yoga, it increases his/her control over the body and gives strength to the muscles that eliminate the chances of injury due to bad posture or falling.

Yoga helps in breathing

Lungs tend to slow down with age. This makes a person in the old age intolerant to physical exertion. When lungs work at a lower level than their normal capacity, a person can have serious impacts on his mind and body.

With the help of yoga exercises, one can control his/her breathing and improve respiratory health. When one breathes deeply, he/she detoxifies the body and mind that ensures better mental and physical health for a long time.

Yoga Maintains Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a major health issue among senior citizens. Over the long-term it can lead to cardiovascular and even kidney diseases. With the help of yoga, senior citizens can reduce stress in their lives that is a major cause of high blood pressure and heart attack.

Yoga improves blood circulation

During the old age, a person requires a low-impact exercising regimen that can keep the blood flowing through the veins. But at the same time, it should not strain a person enough. Yoga offers the right kind of physical activity for seniors that helps them mix and match various yogic postures and create a regimen for themselves.

Yoga reduces stress and anxiety levels

When it comes to taking yoga classes either in assisted living homes or personally, seniors get a chance to interact with others while at the same time learn beneficial exercises. With the help of collective yoga sessions, seniors can stimulate parasympathetic nervous system reducing overall stress in life.

A senior citizen needs to take care of health so that he/she does not fall prey to serious health issues. Many seniors can be seen in need of dementia care or Alzheimer’s care as their health weans. If you want yourself to stay healthy, you can think of an assisted living home that offers regular yoga and health sessions. Papaya Care is one of the most comfortable assisted living facilities for seniors that take care of their health by giving them an opportunity to stay in a healthy environment where they can live a peaceful life.

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