From a Dark Hole of Aging to a Galaxy Full of Life

dark hole of aging

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In the cycle of life, one expects that as it started naturally from birth, it will end naturally with old age. The similarity one may believe to observe amongst the older people around is that they need a similar amount of care as much as a new-born baby. Well, that’s not true. These people need much more and much different sort of help. People think that they can take care of themselves as they are older and wiser than us. What needs to be considered is that as aging lowers their immunity and without the proper care, their body starts losing strength. Further, the number of activities may decrease because of which life becomes monotonous for them.

It is important to understand these problems and provide an assisted living for the senior citizens. It will not only solve the problems of senior citizens’ health care but also to break the monotonous pattern of their life and make them more joyful.

Following you will find how one can move from a dark hole of aging to a galaxy full of life:

Engage in Activities

Engaging in some or the other kind of activities is very important. It helps them to keep their mind sharp and active, body healthy and spirits high. It is important to engage yourself in activities at every stage of life as it has positive impacts on your body as well as your mood. In old age, it becomes even more essential. They can be part of activities like dancing, listening to music, playing indoor games and much more.
Senior citizens’ health care helps to engage in activities which would have tremendous benefits for old people.


Exercise is something which is essential at all stages of life as well. Only spending 30 minutes daily could show tremendous results in one’s life. At an old age, it is a mode of increasing life-line. It helps them improve their immune system, muscle strength, flexibility, making a balance, relieve chronic pain, keeps their body parts active, improves metabolism, lowers blood pressure and so on. Well, it is never too late to start exercising. The moment you start; you take a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy food

What’s on your plate also matters. Better the food, better your life will be. In the old age, a right diet plan becomes essential. It not only makes them healthy but also increases the life-span of people. After conducting a research, senior citizens’ health care makes sure that the right kind of food is provided to them. Proper nutrition diet plan is the key of having healthy life.

24/7 care

At this age, ‘care’ is what they need the most. Especially if they are suffering from some disease or illness, proper care is a mandate. Senior citizen health care provides different levels of care (according to the need of old people). It customizes according to the person they are tending to and the kind of illness they are suffering from. They also provide with 24/7 nursing facility.

Regular Check-up

This is something one cannot even think to miss because, at this age, there are very high chances that one falls ill. So old people need to have regular check-ups, to identify diseases at an early stage and get cured before it becomes a big issue. Monthly check-ups are advised by most of the doctors tending to old patients.


When people stay in one place for a very long time, it is nothing less than a jail for them and people start getting irritated too. Outing provides them with a new environment that is a must occasionally, to gift them a brand-new smile and a set of memories. This is the right time as they don’t have many responsibilities, which in turn allows them to enjoy every moment properly.

Spending a healthier time is starting to become a big issue as families are becoming nuclear in size and the earning members are getting busier. Their lack of time to spend with their family is enough for them to think about and adding to this, their parents not enjoying the last stage of their life is not fair to either side. Papaya care understands this and provides the solution with a high-end life to these old people. Thereby, bringing joy to everyone’s life.

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