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When the care is about providing comfort with or without curative intent, it falls under palliative care. It can even be long-term care where symptoms get managed without aggressive treatment or hospital intervention. The conditions arrive through illnesses like cancer, kidney diseases, chronic pulmonary diseases, paralysis, Parkinson's, etc. The symptoms may include depression, pain, fatigue, anxiety, bowel issues, etc. At papaya Care, we try to infuse positivity to keep going without much discomfort through therapies, pain management, spirituality, medicines, and socialization.

The highlights of Palliative Care are:

  • 24-hour nurse on-site for medicine administration, vitals checks, bed sores checks and pain management.
  • Caregiver to offer any assistance required, be it movement, feeding, bathing, grooming, changing diapers, etc.
  • High-dependency unit with oxygen concentrators, rice tubes, suction machines, ECG machines, etc.
  • Laundry and housekeeping services.
  • Wheelchair accessibility to both rooms and bathrooms.
  • An all-round spiritual experience through talks, reading out spiritual books, music, chants, family visits, etc
  • Services like hairdresser, salon, counseling, massages, on request.
  • Constant checks and regular inflow of carers with positive conversations and encouraging words.
  • Soft diet for easy digestion.
  • Regular calls and video updates to families.

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