Palliative Care For Senior

Palliative Care for Elderly

Geriatric Palliative Care

Palliative Care for Elderly

When the care is about providing comfort with or without curative intent, it falls under palliative care. It can even be long-term care where symptoms get managed without aggressive treatment or hospital intervention. The conditions arrive through illnesses like cancer, kidney diseases, chronic pulmonary diseases, paralysis, Parkinson’s, etc. The symptoms may include depression, pain, fatigue, anxiety, bowel issues, etc. At PapayaCare, we try to infuse positivity to keep going without much discomfort through therapies, pain management, spirituality, medicines, and socialization.

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Palliative Care

Comfort during life’s most challenging times. Enhance the quality of life with PapayaCare.

The highlights of Palliative Care are

24 Hour Nurse

24/7 nurse for meds, vitals, and pain management


Caregiver support for daily tasks

Oxygen Concentrators

High-dependency unit with essential equipment


Laundry and housekeeping

Mobility Access

Wheelchair access in rooms and bathrooms

Activity Programs

Spiritual activities, talks, and family visits


On-request services (hair, counseling, etc.)

Positive Conversations

Regular carer checks with positive interactions

Diet Management

Easy-to-digest soft diet

Video Calling

Family updates via calls and video

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