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Neuro Care & Rehabilitation

The nervous system is exceptionally mind boggling, and incorporates the brain, spinal cord and nerves to the face, body arms and legs. Harm to the nervous system from either damage or sickness can prompt to trouble in controlling movement, sensation may likewise be influenced and issues with speech, vision, swallowing, speaking and bowel and bladder control may likewise present. Mood, ability to concentrate and memory can likewise be influenced. There are more than 600 neurological diseases, for example, parkinson, stroke, coma, Alzheimer’s, muscular dystrophy, huntington’s and some more.

NCR (Neurocare and Rehabilitation) is exceptionally outlined long-term living concept for the care and rehabilitation of patients suffering neurological ailment. Many a time it becomes it gets distinctly hard to take care of such patients under home based environment. Institutional facilities like Papaya Care gives a constructive domain accessibility of restorative staff prompting to a protected and positive environment for such patients which helps them to recoup speedier.

The NCR provides integrated, comprehensive rehabilitation administrations to people who have physical and additionally subjective shortages coming about because of neurological ailment, injury or disease. The essential objective of NCR program is to augment an individual's useful and lessening reliance on the guardian.

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