Neuro Care & Rehabilitation

Geriatric Neurological Care

Geriatric Neurological Care

Geriatric Neurological Care

The nervous system that gets harmed, whether by damage or any sickness, can potentially affect body movements, speech, vision, bladder control, etc. The moods, ability to concentrate, and memory get influenced when nerves do not function to their capacity. Sometimes paralysis makes them permanently bedridden. It gets distinctively hard to care for such patients in a home-like environment. A facility like our PapayaCare has the required staff to give them an assisted lifestyle wherein they have round-the-clock help and monitoring and an environment that is positive and stimulating.

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Elderly Neurological Care

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The highlights of Neuro Care & Rehabilitation are

24 Hour Nurse

24/7 nurse and high-dependency unit


Caregiver support for daily needs


Laundry and housekeeping


Motor skills and memory activities

Physiotherapy Counseling Services

On-demand speech therapy, psychiatry, and physiotherapy

Mobility Access

Wheelchair access in rooms and bathrooms

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras at entrances

Rehabilitation Program

Customized rehab by an on-site physiotherapist

Diet Management

Nutrient-rich diet for nerve recovery

Activity Programs

Engaging activities: music, art, dance, spirituality


On-request services (hair, salon, counselling, massages)

Wi-Fi Connection

Amenities: Wi-Fi, Cable TV, mobile recharge

Birthday celebrations

Celebrations for birthdays and festivals

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