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Sumi Patel


Sumi Patel, having lived in the U.S. as a successful healthcare professional for 12 years in various Houston hospitals, always wanted to establish a higher purpose in life. Her passion lies in recreating a world filled with love, care, and empathy for seniors. Her experience and holistic understanding of elderly care made her move to Ahmedabad. PAPAYACARE, Assisted Living Facility & Senior Care was born and nurtured into what it is today.

The entrepreneur in her, with management expertise, strategic thinking, and service- delivery, made her develop an ecosystem wherein the elderly find a reason to smile and live a life with the best senior care. The very essence of Papaya Care is giving a homelike environment with round-the-clock monitoring.

Her motto as Director of Papaya Care is simply living up to the trust of residents, their families, and her team, unaffected by any corporate race. She treats people just how she would like to be treated, making her the most loved personality in the family. To enable seniors with better quality of living in a community setup is what gives her peaceful sleep with the wish to see more of her tribe grow. Assisted Living Facility is the perfect setup for those looking at well-taken-care retirement life along with constant medical care. She shall be privileged to have your family member served for as long as you wish.