Understanding the Unique Challenges of Geriatric Orthopedics Care

Geriatric Orthopedics Care

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Geriatric Orthopedics Care – What is it?

Geriatric Care Management is an integrated Care approach for the holistic needs of elderly adults. Geriatric Care needs acceptance of the situation and a commitment to manage it with all heart and science. Geriatric Orthopedic issues are a concern as it has unique needs and demands a very different treatment approach than the conventional ones. The timelines for healing and recovery vary and often take much longer than for the younger population. Degenerative changes happen in joints, muscles go weaker, and growth gets slower, putting them at high risk of falling. Therefore, Orthopedics Care for Geriatric patients is a crucial step toward the overall well-being of the patient, from psychological to physical.

Common Orthopedic Problems in Old Aged

  • Osteoarthritis: It’s a degenerative disease that impacts the movement and flexibility of hands, legs, knees, spine, etc. Along with pain management, effort toward the range of motions of the affected part is a mandate. A nutritious diet is necessary to maintain the minerals needed for bone and muscle strength.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: It is a chronic and inflammatory disorder affecting joints, be it hands or legs. The immune system attacks its tissues. Severe cases may slowly affect the functions of the heart, kidneys, bone marrow, etc. Treatment protocol involves physiotherapy, medication, therapies, etc.
  • Spondylitis: The wear and tear and nerve compression between neck vertebrae and joints cause stiffness and pain in the neck region. Treatment involves specific neck exercises, lifestyle changes, and pin medications with a lot of care.
  • Hip Fractures: Elders are at high risk of falling, and falls often lead to hip fractures which take very long to recover. Prolonged bed rest, slow movements, physiotherapy, and dietary care go a long way in recovery.
  • Tennis Elbow: Tennis elbow typically affects athletes, but it can even impact elders when they bang or strain their forearms during any activity. The area gets inflamed, and lifting even small things becomes a struggle. Hot and cold treatments, physiotherapy, and medication with supplements help.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Nerve compression causes numbness and tingling in the hand and arm. It is common in the elderly and requires hot and cold treatment, injections, light exercises, and medications.

Orthopaedic Care for Geriatric Patients

Orthopaedic Care needs a comprehensive approach catering to the specific needs of senior citizens. It often begins with mindset. Emotional health takes a hit when in physical pain or when one gets immobile. PapayaCare Assisted Living Facility at Ahmedabad is proficient in orthopedic care for Geriatric patients. Their counselors and experts understand the physical and emotional challenges and chart-out treatment plans accordingly. The Ortho doctors, nursing practitioners, caregivers and coordinators, and kitchen team come together in the loop with the action plan, guidelines, and interventions.

  • Any support and assistance to move around or conduct daily rituals during the fracture period are available with a constant caretaker at service.
  • Geriatric Ortho care is in a continuum at all stages of post-surgery recovery, be it knee replacement, hip replacement, fractures, etc.
  • The team encourages them to walk more, keep moving, and exercise by incorporating these activities into the schedule.
  • Diets get customized as per the minerals and nutrients needed for faster healing, be it proteins, calcium-rich, or B 12-rich food.
  • With slow recovery, painful conditions, and bone production not matching up to bone losses, elderly patients need delicate handling. Facilities like hospital beds, air mattresses, and wheelchairs are available, and accessible rooms and bathrooms for immobile residents.
  • There is a physiotherapist available on the site to provide the required sessions. All recommended ortho rehab exercises and massages get followed up at the facility services.
  • Assistance is available with traveling to any hospital visits and ortho-appointments.
  • The nursing team is available round-the-clock for regular medicine administration and vital checks.


In old age, any fractures or bone impairment becomes a setback, especially for the family caring for the resident. They need hope at every step that their quality of life will improve, provided they cooperate. An assisted living facility like PapayaCare is the place to be as it demonstrates companionship, recreational activities, constant monitoring, assistance at every need, a clean and sanitized environment, a nutritious diet, and counseling as and when needed. Such a facility has modalities to minimize and prevent the degradation of bones, muscles and joints.

Using the services of an establishment with expertise in ortho care is the best way forward for any family. It assures them of a safe and secure environment for a speedy recovery. It leaves you with peace of mind that your loved one is in safe hands, that will care till healing and ahead.

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