Private Care for Elderly – Things to Know in 2024

Private Elderly Care

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What is Private Elderly Care?

The elderly population- a vulnerable tribe, is far more evolved and has come to terms with life’s myriad challenges. They want to make their own choices on how to live and walk toward the sunset. As a family, one must ensure all possible care that allows them freedom yet keeps them protected and looked after. In a world where distances have enlarged, families have dispersed in search of their lifestyles, and livelihood options are open for providing private elderly care. Whether at home or in an assisted living facility, one can make arrangements that are best suited for one.

Private care at home for the elderly:

Many don’t want to leave the nest they nurtured and insist on staying put at home. If physically and mentally sound, the family can hire a full-time caregiver/ nursing assistant to assist them with all chores, personal help, and medicine administration. These private home cares are expensive and need constant monitoring, be it their attendance, safety, and security. The homes need surveillance cameras and safe and secure door and gate systems. One needs to have doctors on call, drivers on call and cooks on call as and when required. In case of any psychotic disorders, mental trauma, depression, or complete physical incapacity, then private home care for seniors may not be suitable.

Assisted Living Facility:

It is a private senior care facility wherein their stay, nutritious meals, medical monitoring, errands, and personal care are taken care of under one roof. Socially there is a higher level of interaction and engagement activities and like-minded people.

How to Choose Private Home Care for Seniors? – Seven tips to consider in 2024

Senior citizens deserve a higher quality of life that takes care of safety, security, and well-being. Before considering an assisted facility or private elderly care, one must ensure it is a cultural fit for the elderly be it food, lifestyle, routines, and fellow residents. Once that falls in line, below are the tips to consider before you choose one.

1. Location:

Choose a city that is easily accessible to friends and families whenever they wish to visit. That gives a higher sense of belonging.

2. Safety and Security:

See if the place follows all safety regulations mandatory for assisted living and is well-gated and under the surveillance of CCTV cameras.

3. Staffing Resources:

One must ensure staff is well trained and in good ratio for the resident’s care. They need to be compassionate and experienced as private caregivers for seniors.

4. Reviews:

Make social media, go through their posts, and check the review, so that you are well-tuned to families’ feedback about the facility.

5. Financial Plans:

Once you get an idea of the cost involved for the year, see you are well-planned to cover the cost for a long-term stay, as it will be challenging to uproot them now and then.

6. Amenities and Activities:

See place has all amenities like televisions, internet, cupboards for storage, comfortable beds, and an engagement activity schedule that is wholesome enough to keep them occupied in a positive frame of mind.

7. Accessibility to Hospital:

The facility should have a multispeciality hospital within a reasonable distance to cater to emergencies.

PapayaCare Assisted Living – Why is it Best for Private Nursing/Senior Care?

PapayaCare Assisted facility in Ahmedabad and Surat is one of its kind that provides them with a home-like environment. It has been operating for more than six years with experience handling Memory Care, Transitional Care, Ortho Care, etc. At the same time, they provide a peaceful retirement life. It is a multicultural environment wherein everyone is welcome irrespective of religion, age, customs, etc. All festivals and occasions get celebrated with full enthusiasm. The activities range from park outings to games, music and dance, art and craft, meditations, chants, etc. Papaya Care has trained nursing staff to administer medicines, check vitals, and attend to ailments and their overall wellness. The caregivers provide services of laundry, housekeeping, cleaning, personal grooming, and any assistance a resident may require. From the Doctor’s visit twice every month, there is provision to accompany residents for any of their hospital visits. The facility is under supervision 24*7 and provides a secure zone for the residents and peace of mind for the family.


What is the average cost of private Home care for the elderly?

Cost varies from city to city and depends on the location and facilities included. It is best to visit the facility and assess the place. Depending upon the facilities, amenities, and location, the cost may vary from twenty thousand to more than one lakh a month.

What services are included in private senior care?

Services vary from serving nutritious meals to boarding, housekeeping, laundry, extra activities, nursing care, personal care, and medical monitoring.

Will they feel lonely away from home?

These facilities get run by trained staff at all levels. It is a home-like environment wherein people are always in and out of rooms. Then they can go for walks, interact with fellow residents, and the entire day is tailor-made for every resident depending on one’s interest.


An assisted living facility is the solution for providing high-quality senior elder care as it gives them a sense of belonging to a community that stays together through thick and thin. It gives them new friends and bonds to create new memories and share them with their families. Seniors deserve graceful and dignified aging with the best possible care, and private senior care provides just that!

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