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Mani Foi ki Kahani, unke apne ki Zubaani !!

Mani Foi ki Kahani, unke apne ki Zubaani !!

Story Feature #3 Mani Foi

Mani Foi (92 years) is undoubtedly our princess at Papaya Care! Her younger sister Roshan Foi (90 years) is a fellow resident here and takes great pride in narrating her sister’s story, from whom she has learned many life lessons. Mani Foi is diagnosed with advanced dementia and now hardly recalls much.

They grew up in a family of 5 sisters and three brothers in Ahmedabad. A simple yet forward-thinking Parsi Family, their father worked for Nerolac paints, and their mother was a multitalented homemaker. Mani Foi was always creatively inclined and learned different skills from her mom. She learned stitching, knitting, embroidery, crocheting baking, etc, and even picked up the piano from a visiting instructor. She stitched to perfection and would design for her family members. All she wanted was to go to Delhi and pursue Design post her 10th. But health issues related to appendicitis surfaced, and in those days, it would take a long to have a cure. Not the one to be bogged down, sitting in hospitals, she would knit sweaters for the doctors’ kids on special orders.

While that dream of higher studies remained unfulfilled, she found the man of her dream-her neighborhood sweetheart, got married and moved to Mumbai. She always stayed a Bindaas girl, had a large circle of friends, traveled, went on picnics, and was the Jaan of any party. She loved kids, but as they didn’t have their own, her nieces/nephews got not just big share of love and Mani’s unique and ultra-modern share of clothing. She lost her husband at the young age of 44. Having led a pampered and secure life, this sudden loss made her completely unsure of her future. Until her sister-in-law motivated her to start working and utilizing her nurtured talents.

Thus, began embarkment on a new journey of cooking and baking for select elite clients in Mumbai. Her puddings, cakes, and Mughlai dishes we a hot favorite among the variety she offered. She even designed and stitched western attires, dresses, and gowns on orders. A stickler for perfection she soon embraced financial independence and creative adventures fearlessly. Her childlike naughty aura remained intact, making her such an endearing personality. Even when she came to Papaya Care just a few years back, she was enthusiastic about pillion driving with staff to neighbouring shops or dancing away to music at all events. Now that she has slowed down and blanked out of most memories, she continues to reign and rules our hearts at Papaya Care. We remain grateful for all the cheers and happiness she brought into our lives. Have a peep at some moments of Mani’s Magic!!! ❤

Disclaimer: Most of the stories are given by the seniors themselves and stays true to their dil-se narrations.

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