The innate drive to touch lives and make a difference……

Resident Story - Bharat Uncle

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Bharat Uncle, 83 years, is an institution by himself with a body of work that is so inspirational. He has built a legacy worthy of acknowledgment and celebration. With 57 years of an established corporate career with the same organization, rising from a storekeeper to a leadership role, his life has been a swing of work and selfless service.

Born and brought up in Ahmedabad, he completed his BA and LLB. Soon after the marriage in 1965, he joined the Mafatlal Group as a storekeeper in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. He was transferred to Mumbai in 1980 and retired in 2000 as Commercial Manager. He took care of the purchases of eleven mills in the group. His commitment, loyalty, and integrity impressed one and all, and he was called back as a consultant even after retirement. This passionate soul went on to work till 2017 with the group.

He is the only one who has dedicated his services to three generations of Mafatlals- Mr. Arvind Mafatlal, his son Mr. Padmanabh Mafatlal and his son Mr. Vishadh Mafatlal. He was like family to Mafatlals as the connection was deep and far rooted than just work. It was with the Mafatlal family that Uncle’s spiritual journey began.
They have a Trust in Chitrakoot dedicated to social work. Among the many services, it also runs the biggest Netra Chikitsalay that conducts free cataract operations. He, with his wife, would visit Chitrakoot each year for Sewa in the name of Lord Rama and humanity. The month of December meant Ujjain as he was the main person behind organizing Ram yagna with Bandara, wherein more than 25000 people would eat. Letting go of the cushion of comfort, he chose a path of service without any expectations and went straight through the heart of millions.

A self-made man with some genuine genius has mentored many youngsters with his wisdom who have today gone on to become CEOs of multinationals. Gardening, Walking, and Yoga keeps him attuned to deriving joy from simpler things in life. Post-Covid, though his memory power has taken a hit, he still surprises us daily at PapayaCare. He loves good clothes and is always the most impeccably dressed resident. He likes his things organized and is a stickler for time and routines. Be it playing cricket with us, dancing along at a party, or quietly writing Ram in his chaupadis, his focus is hundred percent.

One person who relentlessly supported him in all his endeavors, different phases, and many moods is his ever-smiling life companion Daksha Aunty. As they say, experience is the best teacher, and surely his children learned from the BEST. The pride I hear in their voice or see in their eyes – says it all!! 😊

The innate drive to touch lives and make a difference – Take a bow, Bharat Uncle!

Story Feature #5 Bharat Uncle
Story Feature #5 Bharat Uncle

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