Aging Parent Might Need Home Care|Senior Care Community papayacare

10 Signs Your Aging Parent Might Need Home Care

You will start to see it as a mere sign that like any other person, your parent is ageing. They may have a problem bending …

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Food Items that Lower Your Blood Pressure

10 Natural Food Items that Lower Your Blood Pressure

Generation X might be blessed with technology, humankind’s greatest invention but it is also the most cursed. This generation is perhaps the one which has …

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Improve Your Memory Power as You Age|Improve Your Memory Power as You Age

10 Proven Methods to Improve Your Memory Power as You Age

As a human tendency, there is a major chance of the memory going haywire as you age. It is a scientifically proven fact that an …

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caring options for Alzheimer's and dementia patients|caring options for Alzheimer's and dementia patients|Alzheimer’s Care-papayacare

Caring Options for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

The advancement of medical science has brought with it new knowledge for humans which was once unknown. We have come a long way, but it’s …

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Palliative Care for Senior Citizens|Palliative Care for Senior Citizens|home nurse care papayacare

Palliative Care for Senior Citizens and the benefits of Nurse Prescribing

A spur in medical advancements and express availability of medical facilities has led to a substantial increase in global life expectancy. This connotes to that …

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rehab feature papayacare|Choosing a Rehab Facility

10 Tips for Choosing a Rehab Facility

We all want only the best for our elders and senior loved ones and therefore it is true that they need additional warmth and cares …

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Staying Healthy Over the Winter

Tips for Seniors to Staying Healthy Over the Winter

Winter is recognized as a season of cold and flu season but if you want to avoid getting sick and don’t want to have those …

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Nurse Holding Hand Of Senior Citizen|challenges for caregivers|non compliant patient|challenges for caregivers

Challenges for Caregivers

Challenges for Caregivers or family in caring for non-compliant elderly Being a Caregiver is such a rewarding endeavor of life, especially when you are caring …

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senior care after hospital discharge|discharge_orders|discharge|ALZHEIMERS CARE PAPAYACARE|Hospital nurse pushing an elderly lady in a wheelchair|senior care after hospital discharge|senior care after hospital discharge

Care after hospital discharge for Senior with Dementia

Readiness for providing Care after hospital discharge for Senior with dementia Hospital discharge is a term used when a person leaves the hospital once they …

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Preventing-dehydration|help|Health|preventing dehydration

Preventing dehydration in elderly

Caring for the elderly: Preventing dehydration Dehydration doesn’t show signs of need for care until it is severe and it has aggravated to motion problems …

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Healthy diet for old age people

Healthy Diet in Old Age

Healthy diet – a recourse to medication and treatment in the Old Age When you talk about aging, factors like health and diet cannot be …

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senior-birthday|aging with joy|birthday-celebration|Growing Age|aging-with-joy|growing-old

Social engagement to be scheduled as a priority for elder

Social Isolation and Loneliness are major health risks. They are not as same as medical health risks but psychological and emotional ones. No one can …

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