10 Proven Methods to Improve Your Memory Power as You Age

Improve Your Memory Power as You Age|Improve Your Memory Power as You Age

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As a human tendency, there is a major chance of the memory going haywire as you age. It is a scientifically proven fact that an increasing age withers the memory. As a person starts their journey of senility after being in the middle age bracket, their chances of losing out on a perfectly sharp memory increase.

Look for signs

On a personal note too, you could feel your memory growing weaker. This could include subtle hints like forgetting your keys, forgetting to feed your dog, forgetting to buy groceries that your wife asked for or even forgetting to take your vitamins.

But, as an educated and an informed person, you ought to take these cues seriously and register yourself for check-ups. You could also do simple exercises daily to boost your memory power. But if there is a glimmer of the chance that your memory loss is only a symptom of a greater disease, you need to take this seriously.

Memory loss could mean other things

Although a lot of elderly care and senior care specialists will tell you that this is a perfectly normal sign of aging. In actuality, this is a symptom of aging. However, if the situations are really dire, there is a chance that this could not be just any memory loss.

There is a possibility of the person being an Alzheimer’s patient. Loss of memory for longer periods can also be associated with Dementia and other diseases of the same category. However, proper Alzheimer care can promote better living with manageable memory.

Improve Your Memory Power as You Age

Tips to improve your memory

Nevertheless, no matter how progressed you memory loss may be, there are a few simple means to improve your memory with age. Dementia care can be hard on the caregiver, but these simple tips may help the patient to great extents.

1. Repeat what you hear or read

It is perfectly normal to repeat something that you might have just heard or read or come to know about. Repeat them in your head, and then repeat them verbally. This repetition will store the information pretty clearly in your mind.

Also, if you think you might be confused, don’t hesitate to ask the speaker to repeat their words so you could hear them again.

2. Work your brain- Practice puzzles and crosswords

To be constantly active and alert, work your brain to its full capacity. This will help your brain process things and process them faster. This will also help your brain recall information in split seconds.

Daily activities like solving the crossword in the newspaper, or taking up a new puzzle, or even playing dictionary games regularly can help you on this front. Go for new, problem-solving games that make your brain hustle.

3. Get proper sleep

A proper sleep will not only keep your mind, body, and soul fresh but will also boost your brain activity. After you sleep for a good 7-8 hours, your mind will be rebooted and you can take in new things in a greater capacity.

4. Keep some physical activity

Physical exercise releases endorphins which give you a positive feeling. Additionally, a simple exercise of walking for 30-35 minutes daily can reduce your chances of contracting a disorder that is associated with memory loss.

Some exercises like aerobics and those that involve hand-eye co-ordination are known to boost the brain’s power.

5. Eat healthy

Certain food items are tagged as brain foods, and it is known that the chemical composition of these can delay cognitive diseases like Alzheimer. Foods like Blueberries, salmon, cocoa, egg yolks and red wine make it to the top brain foods list.

Alzheimer care specialists term walnut as another very effective brain food that increases brain sharpness and boosts memory.

6. Say goodbye to smoking

It has been scientifically proven that people who smoke on a daily basis have a more chance of losing out on their memory skills. So, quitting smoking is one way you could boost your memory.

7. Drink green tea

Green tea has a lot of antioxidants that help keep the signs of aging away. Plus, the presence of a molecule called EGCG in green tea can help delay Alzheimer’s and improve memory power.

8. Learn a new language

Research has shown that learning a new language can improve intelligence and can even delay the symptoms of Dementia in people. No matter how old you are, bilingualism can help the brain that’s aging away.

9. Take memory-improving food

Food items like soy, soy milk and spinach are termed as memory-improving. Regular consumption of these foods can not only help keep neuro-degenerative diseases away but also improve memory.

10. Learn something before you go to bed

An activity like this will help you come to know about something new on a daily basis. This will keep the brain always active and you will have greater chance of retaining it the next morning.

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