Palliative Care for Senior Citizens and the benefits of Nurse Prescribing

Palliative Care for Senior Citizens|Palliative Care for Senior Citizens|home nurse care papayacare

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A spur in medical advancements and express availability of medical facilities has led to a substantial increase in global life expectancy. This connotes to that fact that the average lifespan of a person has increased substantially, so to speak. Naturally, at this senile age, humans express very different emotional and psychological symptoms which are very different from that of middle-aged people.

At this moment, only world-class medical aid is not sufficient, the elderly start to feel a need for an environment where the focus is not only on their health and monitoring their vitals. They want to live in an environment where the focus also shifts on their lifestyle and how they live.

Caring beyond just medical aid

This is where Palliative care for seniors comes in. Palliative caring for a patient is looking after those people who have a terminal disease and no course of treatment will make them get better.

It is advised for elderly people who cannot look after themselves and need help. It is also the solution for people with terminal diseases and people who need end-of-life care.

These palliative care homes are nothing but Elderly care or senior care homes where such people live together in a warm and carefully monitored environment.

What’s more is that the elderly populace is huddled together. The company that elder people can share with people of their same age is a boon for them. Everyone understands each other, is sympathetic to each other and develop strong bonds of humanity over a short period of time.

Improving quality of life for terminally ill patients

A lot of people with an ardent need of end-of-life care resort to palliative care homes like Papaya Care. Understandably, these are some of the most sensitive cases to handle. Both the patient and their family are in distress and want nothing but the betterment of the patient.

Coming to terms with the terminal nature of one’s disease is a horror and resorting to palliative care can be one of the bravest steps. But it’s also a fact that patients with terminal diseases need the most assistance; be it with day-to-day chores like eating, drinking, bathing, changing clothes and even walking around.

As happens with a lot of patients who are diagnosed with end-stage cancer, pain management, keeping up with chemotherapy, radiation therapy and frequent doctor’s appointments can be a nightmare for the patient who faces difficulties in even walking.

This is where palliative care services come in.

Personnel at palliative care institutions offer a 24-hour service where an attendant always stays with the patient to help him/her out with whatever they need.

This is a phase which can be emotionally tormenting. Psychological therapy helps considerably at this time; something that expert palliative care homes like Papaya Care offer.

Palliative Care for Senior Citizens

Opting for palliative care at home

Alternatively, there is another option for people who need 24 hour monitoring.
It is very frequent that the family of the patient or the patient themselves are reluctant to leave their own home and go live somewhere else.

In cases like these, expert institutions offering palliative care for seniors go ahead and offer IN Home Nursing care services. Under these, the patient does not have to leave the vicinity of their homes and can continue to receive a 24 hour home nurse service.

This keeps the patient with the family at all times, but also reduces the bulk of work on the family. The patient stays emotionally and psychologically happy since they don’t have to leave their home and family to receive world-class care for their terminal diseases.

In Home nursing care services has enabled families to maintain their financial status quo since they are able to go for work without worrying much for their old parents/grandparents. With services like these, family members can leave their ill family member under supervision and get to work without much trouble.

For the while that they are gone, the personnel by these in-home nursing care services make sure that the patient is well-cared for and all their needs are taken care of, till the family members come back.

Palliative Care for Senior Citizens

Round the clock care

Round the clock nursing care can really help patients who are in an age where they need assistance with almost everything that they do. Whether it’s getting up and walking around to tend to things, get food and medicines or even changing clothes and bathing- the elderly require a lot of love and care throughout the day.

This is where these services come in handy and help.

Often, there are minutest of details that can be missed by the family members. But in-house nurses are trained to pay attention to every detail and look after the patient accordingly.

Giving a human touch

With the expansion of palliative care facilities in the country, more and more people believe in these institutions. Not only do they increase the quality of life for a terminally ill patient, institutions like these also give patients an environment where they can interact with people in the same boat, who understand each other.

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