Taking Care of Parents with Dementia – Tips to Consider in 2024

Taking Care of Parents with Dementia

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Elderly Dementia Care – What is It?

Parents are always making deposits into the memory banks of their children each day. And then, there comes a time when they need memory care as they run out of balance in their minds. Dementia is one of the world’s most significant contributors to its disability burden and is an unfortunate reality in elderly households. Dementia onset is often a group of symptoms that affects memory, thinking, and social abilities. The most common signs of dementia are memory problems, increased confusion, personality changes, depression, inability to do everyday tasks, etc. Their care is a priority, and yet most challenging to mobilize resources, time, and finances towards the care. We need solutions that are viable and sustainable for the family and residents at large.

7 Tips for Taking Care of Parents with Dementia

Suppose any of your parents show symptoms of dementia, in that case, there are ways of caring for an elderly parent with dementia and ensuring they are clean, safe, and comfortable, and make their life more manageable. Seven tips for taking care of parents when dementia sets in.

  • Let them do as much as possible on their own and establish a routine.
  • Schedule any activities for them when they are most alert and encourage them to participate in games like sudoku, crosswords, board games, drawing, carom, etc.
  • Loop-in technology in their homes is surveillance cameras to prevent wandering off, giving them tracker watches, setting medicine reminders, etc.
  • Give them phones with bigger fonts, help them when they need technical assistance, and stick emergency contact numbers on the walls wherever necessary.
  • Provide support bars in the bathrooms, replace tiles with non-skid ones, fit in a safety bar near the bed, get night lamps on, and keep rooms clutter-free with nice fresh air coming in.
  • Arrange for help with whatever assistance they need, be it running errands, the bank works, doctors’ appointments, etc.
  • Listen to them and communicate with them with patience.

Papayacare – Why is it Best for Dementia Care?

Caring for parents is an emotionally intense journey. As a primary caregiver of our dementia-stricken parents, it can impact our health due to higher stress levels. Even hiring out external caregivers puts us in concern mode if they don’t turn up or parents need hospitalizations etc. One of the viable options is a daycare for the elderly with dementia or choosing Assisted Living Facility wherein 24*7 care and medical monitoring are provided. Papayacare Assisted Living Facility in Ahmedabad is one such and the only one in the city. It is on its own premises with all recreational and medical facilities.

If your loved one needs care options for the elderly with dementia, then no need to look beyond Papayacare due to the reasons below:

  • The caregivers and entire staff are calm and patient to handle residents who need constant monitoring due to dementia.
  • In dealing with elderly parents with dementia, the priority is to keep them clean, hygienic, fed, pain-free and comfortable.
  • The nursing staff is available round the clock to check their physical well-being, grooming, and mental stability. They administer their medicines on time and accompany them on hospital visits.
  • There is an activity schedule charted out that is suitable to every individual’s capability. They encourage memory games like sudoku or board games to engage the minds. Anyone with a hobby is encouraged to pursue it or display it. There are options like music, a library, meditation, yoga, etc.
  • If the resident is bedridden, staff constantly changes diapers, and sheets, checks on bed sores, and keeps them well-fed.
  • If the resident is physically active but is memory-challenged, then accompanying staff takes them walking, sitting in the park, etc.
  • Infrastructure at Papayacare is planned to offer utmost safety and security with non-skid floors and support bars in bathrooms.
  • Staffing resources cover days and nights so the family can have a restful sleep knowing their loved one is safe.
  • It does not have a strict hospital protocol but is like a home away from home with home-cooked food and friendly staff.


Taking care of parents with dementia is rewarding, as you care for someone who no longer remembers or thanks you. All they need is someone who keeps patience with them, listens, and cares for them. They are confused, struggling to communicate, find it hard to handle complex tasks, find the right words, or are disoriented. Whether in-home care for elderly parents with dementia or getting them admitted to an assisted facility, do what is right for them!!

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