Memory Care Assisted Living for the Elderly

Memory Care Assisted Living for Seniors

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Basics of Assisted Living and Memory Care

The assisted living memory care facility is a functional facility that provides a wholesome support ecosystem for elderly residents. Such facilities become a necessity when managing on their own due to aging health issues becomes an impossibility. Care becomes all the more crucial when it is related to memory, as it requires close-range monitoring. Memory care assisted living is a long-term care, and this condition is progressive and degenerative. With proper care involving 24-hour support staff, memory activities, therapies, and medicines, memory care can work wonders for seniors.

Memory diseases are often neurological disorders caused by trauma, physical ailments, poor diets, stress, or genetic triggers. They advance through different stages, and patients progress from being partially dependent persons to fully-dependent ones. A proper medical diagnosis is the first step toward deciding future action. Medications and other interventions help to manage the condition better, but the bottom line is they cannot be left alone.

8 Benefits of Memory Care Assisted Living

  • Assisted Living and memory care facility is safe and secure-zone, with fully trained staff, well-planned elder-proof infrastructure, and surveillance cameras.
  • 24-hour trained and skilled staff is around to handle them with different approaches. Ones with memory issues may wander off, get aggressive, stay aloof, feel isolated, and get fussy. Hence each needs varied handling that comes with experience.
  • Memory activities and games like Sudoku, puzzles, art, and balls activate brain cells and improve eye-hand coordination.
  • Therapies: Assisted facilities come well networked with all therapy providers like physiotherapy, music therapy, pet therapy, aroma therapy, and even a range of counselors who work closely with them.
  • Medical monitoring: Timely medicine administration is crucial in memory care. As effective communication becomes a challenge with memory care residents, their vitals get checked daily, and medicines are given on time as prescribed by doctors.
  • Family Updates: Families get looped in on their daily routines, new developments, and general well-being.
  • Appropriate Diet: The menus are tailor-made to suit every individual’s dietary needs.
  • Social and Emotional Needs: A facility is full of people, and one is bound to strike friendships and form bonds, and there is always someone to talk to. It helps in coming out of isolation in no time.

Why is PapayaCare Best Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility? – 10 Reasons to Consider

  • PapayaCare, with its ambulance, is easily accessible to the best multispeciality hospital in case of any emergencies.
  • There are trained nursing staff to monitor their health closely and administer timely medicines as prescribed.
  • Weekly visits by doctors happen for general checkups and health updates to families.
  • There are 24*7 caregivers to help them to feed, bath, clean up, and run errands.
  • With over fifty residents currently, the opportunities to socialize, make friendships, and form bonds come up almost daily.
  • It is a self-sufficient infrastructure that is secure with boundary walls, security guards, surveillance cameras, non-cluttered corridors, wheelchair-accessible rooms and bathrooms, and nonskid tiles.
  • The facility will soon have its high-dependency unit with hospital beds, a nursing station, and all medical equipment.
  • Home-made style vegetarian meals prepared by our experienced cooks are nutritious and balanced.
  • A daily activity schedule with yoga, games, reading, music, dance, or exercises is there to follow.
  • It offers every possible assistance for running their errands, be it ordering groceries, making on phones, bank work, temple visits, etc.


What is the average cost of assisted living memory care?

Senior living memory care cost often differs from city to city and facilities offered. On average, any facility with good facilities and medical monitoring will have cost varying from 50 thousand to about one lakh per month. Not just lodging and food, it also fulfills medical, emotional, and social needs.

What to check while choosing assisted living & memory care facilities?

  • Check the infrastructure for its cleanliness, upkeep, and facilities.
  • Speak with fellow residents if possible and have a general chit-chat about their time in the facility.
  • Ask for references and follow their social media pages for updates and reviews.
  • See if the place aligns with the senior’s current lifestyle and culturally.
  • Check your financial budget and savings for the future and evaluate the sustainability.
  • See if there is enough staff-to-resident ratio for a senior living memory care plan.
  • Observe the staff and gauge their compassion levels with how they are with other residents.
  • See if the place is well-secured with procedures in case of emergencies or untoward incidences.


Memory assisted living care is inevitable in seniors and will soon be a reality for the majority as we age. Lifestyle changes, a good diet, and good emotional health delay their progression, and we can carry on living a purposeful life. If any of your loved ones require memory care, then one must opt for the quality of life they deserve. The gift of time is crucial, and if, as a working nuclear family, we do not have it, it is best to explore assisted living facilities that suit your sensibilities. PapayaCare at Ahmedabad is one of its kind in the city, with its newly built infrastructure and tailor-made treatment plans for a safe and secure lifestyle in the journey ahead.

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