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How safe our elders are at home alone?

When our parents are at home alone, we always caution them to follow basic precautions in order to stay safe: redundant tips such as closing the doors and windows all the time, never putting the keys under the mat, keeping the gate closed, not talking to strangers, never displaying a large amount of cash in public, etc. Non Resident Indians (NRI), who live outside of India, are often particularly concerned for their parents, who live in India. This is primarily due to the fact that they can’t do much more than call them and give them tips for their safety.

However, do we really believe that these tips can save them from harm? Or even save their lives if the situation gets out of control? Ask yourself, do you have peace of mind after giving those tips to your senior loved ones? For me and several other Indians, there is still a niggling sense of fear. Even after cautioning them, the reality is that as long as our senior parents are alone, we will always be concerned.

So in order to get a sense of security we go for the next option, which is installation of security alarms. These alarms supposedly improve home security but how effective are they really? The Council on the Ageing (WA) presents very edifying information of the issues regarding seniors and home security. When researchers discussed satisfaction and security alarm use with seniors, they realized that it was an overwhelming, majority of seniors experience displeasure and difficulties with the use of burglar alarms, to such an extent that the majority of seniors do not activate their alarms regularly. Many seniors also stated that they do not use their door and window looks, in the fear of being locked in and unable to get out in the event of a fire (Marston, Lee). Now the question is: how effective are security alarms really? Conclusive research illustrates that security alarms are overwhelmingly ineffective and do not ensure the safety of older family members that live alone.

What can I do to ensure that my family members are safe?

A safe home for seniors is crucial for their health, as they don’t have to worry about being locked in or about operating complex security alarms. Papaya Care Assisted Living in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India has the perfect solution in order to bring you a sense of security and bring your older family members safety. We offer 3 nutritious meals, 2 snacks, 24/7 beverages, and a day full of fun-filled activities to keep your loved ones entertained and worry-free. We have A/C rooms with private and semi private arrangement for maximum comfort and short and long term placement available as per individual necessity. Here at Papaya Care, we believe that you’re not paying for a room, you’re paying for a peace of mind and the comfort and safety of your loved ones.

For more information contact us on +1 832-452-7268 (USA), or +91 9925390425 (India) or email us on


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