Medicare Senior Living: What is it?- A Complete Guide

Medicare Senior Living

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Medicare for seniors is a comprehensive insurance program for senior citizens, whether ailing, disabled, stage-end disease or healthy. Every country develops medical plans involving doctors/ health providers and suppliers. India as a country, the grim reality is that we have a long way to go when it comes to government-run suitable medical insurance covers, especially for seniors. However, now private corporate insurance giants are getting the need for this segment and coming up with many options in the market, like Tata AiG, Bajaj, ICICI, Max life insurance, etc. The idea is to give them a stress free medicare experience.

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Different types of Senior Living for Elderly Medicare

Independent-Living- Communities:

Many builders now develop communities with independent living housing plans specifically designed for an aging population. They have distinct features like ramps instead of stairs, nonskid tiles, secure camera-installed doors, gated societies, and admin offices that handle errands like bill payment, society maintenance, online purchases, laundry, domestic staff, security, etc. This medicare senior housing has doctor visits scheduled, hospital tie-ups done, and medical insurance taken in a personal capacity with personal providers. Administration office of these community keeps all details and documentation intact for any emergency purposes.

Old-Age Homes:

Old-age home are run by NGOs and is government-run or donation-funded. There are some state-run and nation-run government schemes for senior citizens of India. Its patrons are poor or middle-class sections of society who depend on these schemes for their benefit. It has government hospitals on the panel that accept these, like PMJAY, Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana, NPHCE, etc.

Assisted Living Facility:

These facilities are paid-for services with a range of care like hospice, palliative, rehabilitation, memory Care, retirement living, etc. It has a caregiving and medical nursing team providing round-the-clock medical monitoring. These senior assisted living medicare often has tie-ups with multi-specialty hospitals and lists out medicare providers acceptable at the hospital. It makes decisions easier for respective families in choosing their policies for hassle-free treatments.

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Elderly Medicare Benefits with Senior Living

Medicare assisted living pays towards the medical cost, not for the board and cost of living. It provides peace of mind as it covers the treatment and hospitalization of unforeseen health situations. Across the country, there are many senior living that takes medicare and there exist many kinds of insurance covers.

  • Hospital Insurance: The room and routine inpatient care are covered. En-paneled hospitals under the service provider take care of the major part of the expense.
  • Medical Insurance: Outpatient care, laboratory tests, therapies, ambulance services and supplies often get covered.
  • Cashless options are available under insurance coverage, one just needs to carry the insurance number or card. The hospital will not charge anything and bill it directly to the insurance company.
  • For ease of coordination, there is one point of contact for the families on health updates and billings.
  • Just paying the yearly premiums provides financial security to individual families

PapayaCare –Senior Assisted Living Medicare

PapayaCare at Ahmedabad has some of the biggest multispeciality hospitals impaneled in the city. A dedicated point of contact is appointed during hospitalization, who will constantly interact with families with daily updates. It has an in-house ambulance stationed at the facility that will ferry resident patients as and when needed to the hospitals. PapayaCare allows a range of private insurance holders at the facility, they brief the families on the protocol involved. Insurance matters are usually between the families and hospitals directly. PapayaCare only mediates for any documentation and doctor coordination if needed. Hospitals like Apollo, KD, etc, have officially partnered with PapayaCare.

It extends services like post-hospitalization or post-operative care once they return from residents’ hospitals. Also, the facility sends its nursing staff to accompany residents during routine checkups to hospitals, be it dental appointments, therapy appointments, health checkups, etc. For all laboratory and diagnosis tests, staff visits the Centre to collect samples and deliver reports.


Senior age should never feel abandoned in all aspects. If we can protect them and look out for them in their most vulnerable stage in life, we need to procure suitable Medicare for senior living that covers emergencies and routines. They deserve the perks of aging in a way that provides emotional and medical security. One needs to be aware of the available options, be educated about them, and invest in them for the best interest of your loved ones. Choose what works best and what syncs with the facility your loved one stays in.

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