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Dementia is the term for when a person’s thinking skills and memory deteriorates to the point of interfering in their daily life. It usually occurs in people over sixty, although there is early-onset dementia which may occur in some people as young as forty or fifty.India has a growing problem with dementia due to lack of awareness. Approximately four percent of the Indian population over sixty – four million people – have dementia. Out of these four million, it is estimated that over sixty percent do not seek medical help or any form of treatment due to lack of knowledge and awareness.

Many elderly people may even ignore the signs of dementia and dismiss it as just another sign of growing old. Even many medical professionals in India often dismiss elderly patients’ complaints of forgetfulness and memory loss as simply “growing older.”

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and involves the degradation of memory. Symptoms develop slowly and quickly worsen over time. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s disease has no cure or specific treatment. However, a great caretaker will be able to take care of elderly with Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia and provide them with stability and comfy lives.

Many incompetent caretakers cannot properly take care of seniors with Alzheimer’s simply because it is a highly degenerative disease. Patients with Alzheimer’s must be treated with the utmost care and compassion.

As a matter of fact, pneumonia is one of the most common causes of death for patients with Alzheimer’s simply because patients may have difficulty swallowing food and accidently inhale the food. For reasons such as these, it is essential that the family of patients with Alzheimer’s provide 24/7 supervision and help.

However, since many NRI (nonresidential Indians) have parents and aging family in India but no one to take care of them, these Alzheimer patients have nowhere to turn to.

Here at Papaya Care assisted living at ahmedabad, Our trained staff knows how to set a positive mood, get resident’s attention and respond to resident with affection and reassurance with maintaining sense of humor. We ensure that all elderly are taken care of 24/7 with medical staff on call.

In India, where there are over 4 million people with Alzheimer’s, Papaya Care aims to provide top-quality care to all elderly and reassurance to family members who worry about their family’s safety and care.

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