This Alzheimer’s Awareness Month Learn How to Successfully Beat Alzheimer’s & Age Gracefully

Successfully Beat Alzheimer’s

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All over the world, November is celebrated as Alzheimer’s Awareness Month as a bid to share more information about the dreaded disease. Being one of the most common diseases associated with old age, Alzheimer affects nearly every elder during the waning years of life. Though there are not many things one can do to avoid age-related risk factors, one can effectively take steps to eliminate the chances of Alzheimer and maintain sound mental health early during life.

Early Mental Health Management: The Key to Alzheimer’s Care

According to medical professionals, the key to successful aging is starting early towards management of mental health. If you want to keep the risk of Alzheimer’s away, it is important to stay active, avoid smoking and keep a check on your diet. Not only will this help you with good heart health but will reduce the chances of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure- all those reasons that ultimately lead to mental diseases like dementia and Alzheimer.

Making yourself ready to fight the battle against Alzheimer

Almost all the senior health care professionals agree that mental health disorders can be managed efficiently by keeping a check on brain health. Here, we are listing some effective tips that will help you go a long way in your fight against Alzheimer’s:

  • Indulge in a physical activity

According to several research studies over the years, it has been established that people who are physically active during life face less risk of mental decline over the years. So, if you really want to beat mental diseases and ace dementia and Alzheimer’s care as a caretaker or an aged soul, you need to include physical activities in your routine. You can plan anything- light activities for old seniors or moderately intense activities for people who are just at the brink of old age. Even housekeeping and gardening can offer adequate physical stimulus to keep Alzheimer at bay over the years.

  • Stay in touch with a senior health care professional

As your age progresses, it is important to be serious about your health. Routine health checkups and staying in touch with a professional who specializes in senior health care is important. If you are someone who already has a heart condition, diabetes or suffering from obesity, understand that you need to be more cautious about the decisions you take as you are at a greater risk. By successfully collaborating with your doctor, you can work out a lifestyle and diet that can reduce the risk of Alzheimer.

  • Make required lifestyle changes

Merely understanding the changing body requirements will not do anything. You need to act and also make necessary changes to your lifestyle to reduce the risk. If you are used to smoking and junk food, it might be time to let them go. Also, you need to exercise regularly if you are really interested in fighting off the perils of mental disorders. You also will be required to indulge yourself in meaningful social interactions with peers on a regular basis as you age, to keep your brain intellectually active over the years.

  • Holistically enrich your soul, mind and body

As stated earlier, your mental health is closely associated with physical health and emotional balance. If you are physically fit, your brain will be less susceptible to disorders. Also, if you are away from negativity and believe in the power of positive thinking, you are in a better position to fight off Alzheimer’s and dementia. The key here is to keep your body, mind and soul completely engaged with challenges and intriguing activities, thoughts and emotions. You can think of getting into spiritual/religious groups, volunteer for a good cause or just interact with like-minded individuals on a regular basis to stay active.

  • Eat consciously and add brainy foods to your diet

When it is being said to keep a watch on what you eat, it must be noted that you should add foods that are rich in vitamin-E, omega-3, beta-carotene and antioxidants. These constituents keep brain healthy and nourish it for life. you can choose to include leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and dark-skinned fruits. When it comes to bread, opt for whole grain ones and also make sure to include nuts like walnut for brain health. Reduce the intake of processed foods, salt and sugar and if possible, completely avoid these.

This Alzheimer’s Awareness Month take a step in the right direction and eliminate the chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s during old age. If you have a senior at your home, you need to engage with them on a regular basis or take appropriate steps for quality home care. It might not be possible for you to give them the care and attention they require and that is why assisted living might be the best option for their mental, physical and psychological well-being. While considering assisted living options for your beloved senior, care to give Papaya Care a diligent thought. With one of the best senior health care teams consisting of diet experts, medical specialists and professional care takers and a comfortable assisted living facility, Papaya Care can give a senior the life he/she deserves during the old age. So, what are you thinking? Get in touch to know more today.

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