Papaya Care – The Best Assisted Living Facility for the Elderly in Surat

The Best Assisted Living Facility for the Elderly in Surat

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Assisted-Care living facilities for the elderly need more attention and acceptance in India. Families have begun putting it on the discussion table instead of brushing it under the carpet. With the nuclearization of families, the younger generation pursuing careers across the globe, refusal by the elder to be uprooted, or not having the practical stretch to provide full-time care to ageing family members often leads to choosing the best elderly care facility. The idea is to keep the quality of living uncompromised.

Surat (Gujarat) is a city that ticks the many boxes for suitable and sustainable assisted care living. Assisted Care facilities in India today cater to the needs of the elderly, wherein they or family can make informed choices. The amenities, safety aspects, and staying in the company of a like-minded community are what good Elderly-Care facilities offer.

Surat – Why Papaya Care?

Gujarat is always known to be the safer state when compared to any state in India. True to its reputation, the cities in Gujarat are ideal for elderlies considering retirement homes or the much-needed assisted care facilities. Rich heritage and vibrance of Surat host people with a strong sense of communal harmony and cultural values. The living costs and expenses are comparatively lower and more sustainable than in the metro and bigger cities. Accessibility and connectivity to both Ahmedabad and Mumbai make it an ideal location.

Papaya Care takes immense pride in opening its new branch of assisted living facilities for the elderly in Surat and extending its services. The goal is to nurture an ecosystem for elderlies that prioritizes their comfort in every way. A professional approach with a compassionate outlook defines the work ethos at papaya Care. It has successfully run a branch in Ahmedabad and now aims to establish more of these specialized care facilities. If you are exploring assisted living for an elder in Surat, then Papaya Care is the one-stop solution that addresses all your concerns.

Types of Services at Papaya Care

Papaya Care having six years of experience in an Assisted-living Facility, opened a facility in Surat. All services from personal care to specialized care 24*7 under a well-trained staff of caretakers, nursing teams, floor coordinators, or housekeepers.

  • Transitional/Post-operative Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Ortho Care & Rehabilitation
  • Neuro care & Rehabilitation
  • Dementia and Disability Care

Services include customized meals, beverages and snacks, housekeeping, a celebration of festivals, and entertainment and engagement activities. The facility is airconditioned, wheelchair friendly, and has an unlimited internet connection. Physiotherapy as per needs, weekly yoga, and mild exercises are encouraged. Papaya Care works closely with resident families with constant communication, updates, and progress.

Assisted Care Facility- 3 Reasons to Consider

  • Constant Care: An ageing population that often falls under the umbrella of “vulnerable” covers multimorbidity, physical incapacities, severe mental illness, or psychological issues that it becomes almost an impossibility for the family to provide care consistently. They may be at low, medium, or high risk, but if the family cannot monitor or care for them around the clock, it is time to consider a facility.
  • Quality Living: If the ageing elder exhibits a need to be part of a community with similar age group-related recreational activities, community engagements, and recreational options along with medical and personal care, then one is encouraged to choose assisted care facility. The best part is one does not need to worry about housekeeping, laundry, medicine reminders, or doctor appointment. Is any day better than them dealing with loneliness at home or being at a nursing home?
  • Personal circumstances: With families scattered across the globe and elderly parents wanting to stay rooted in their country, the decision to move to assisted care is only fair. More and more senior citizens now want to be self-dependent while their families look for assured care for their parents. Sometimes even the loss of a partner brings an unexplained feeling of emptiness and helplessness. A care facility that encourages interactions and friendships goes a long way in dealing with the loss.

Any decision taken by the family members would be based on factors like standard of living, accessible healthcare facilities, affordability, distance from kin and family, and the provision of facilities as desired. Ultimately the willingness, preparedness, and cooperation of the family enable a smooth sailing decision and settlement. We cannot hide under the so-called fear of social stigma. Comfort and care of elders must be the priority.

Papaya Care understands the concerns, questions, and apprehensions. The team patiently hears & answers all the questions and puts worries to rest.

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