National Assisted Living Week – Ideas to Celebrate in 2024

National Assisted Living Week - Ideas to Celebrate in 2023

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Assisted Living Week celebration happens around the world to honour the assisted living ecosystem, be it residents, their families, their caregivers, the medical team, the facility staff, etc. The National Center for Assisted Living is where the concept of celebrating the week emerged in 1970. The goal is better outreach, recognition, and acceptance of such facilities. It is not only a need of society, but such facilities require nurturing from similar communities. It is the perfect opportunity and time to bring them all under one roof at a pre-decided time and create some fun memories.

A lot of planning goes into arranging activities for the assisted living week. All the assisted living week ideas are brainstormed and frozen, keeping in line with the decision. Such a week brings people together, helps them network, and gets acclimatized to the challenges and perks of running such facilities, working for them, or living in such facilities. Having a happy national assisted week is the ultimate aim, and a theme is chosen for the forthcoming year so that plans and activities are in sync universally.

8 Activity Ideas to celebrate National Assisted Living week in 2024

Each day can be an activity about living up to the moment. The assisted living week theme chosen of “capturing the moment” – seizing the day and making the best of given opportunities, comes with its significance and meaning to each. Especially when one stands at the rear end of life as a senior, it is the age where one thinks one has done it all or seen it all and wants to make the best of each moment left in life with positive vibes, intent, and energy. The world celebrates this national assisted living week in ways unique to their culture and demographics. Listed below are different ideas for national assisted living week in 2024.

1. Plan a Picnic:

The weather in September is perfect for a garden picnic with sandwiches, fruits, tea, coffee, and some soft music. It will be a getaway that will give seniors and caregivers much-needed change. One can organize games, carry musical instruments, and click candid pictures of conversations and solitude. The place chosen must be easy to navigate with wheelchairs or sticks.

2. Bring the family to work:

The caregiving staff has a highly demanding job, both emotionally and physically. A day like this will make it possible for kids, parents, or spouses to come and look at what goes on at the workplace. This bonding opportunity helps establish a stronger relationship with the employee in the long run, and they will get a support system that is more empathetic back home.

3. Cook/ Paint Together:

Indulging in activities that one enjoys often brings out the fun side of people at that very moment. One can organize cooking or painting sessions as competitions. Every caregiver with their senior can team up. A topic or dish can be allocated to the team to display creativity. It will enhance their teamwork moving forward, rekindle their creative senses, and be therapeutic for their mental health.

4. Arrange a musical:

Music connects people as it pulls their heartstrings. It acts as medicine for unknown intrinsic issues. Music works wonders across all age groups and will be a welcome break for care staff and residents both. Professional musicians can sing or play instruments and encourage others. Everyone will enjoy being in the moment fully engaged.

5. Clay Workshop:

Kneading clay, shaping it up, and creating artwork help release anger, melt tension, and elevate happiness hormones. It will be an activity that will build a partnership between caregivers and residents.

6. Recognition and Photo Day:

A creatively fun photo booth and candid pictures with the team and residents will create fond moments, and selected ones can be framed and given to residents or carers. The management can also choose this day to recognize the efforts of staff like carers, administration, nurses, housekeeping, accounting, etc.

7. Thank-you Notes:

Make the residents write thank-you notes to the chosen ones from their care staff, family or friends. It is crucial to elaborate on why they feel so and how the other person has helped them. Making a gratitude list breeds contentment in life.

8. Messages from home:

For the team and residents away from home, we can collect hearty video messages from families and play them on a big tv screen as a surprise. It will truly capture the essence of the moment. Nothing beats the feeling of hearing something nice from the loved one.


The pandemic wave across the world has put everyone in unprecedented times and roadblocks. But the entire senior assisted living community had to continue with action and their presence simply for the safety of elders. Even at Papaya Care, the goal has always been to perfect the basics of healthy living for the elderly. Be it fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced food, keeping them connected to nature or indulging in the simple joys of life with them. The motto is to manage and improve their health by getting these basics right. We create moments for every occasion and include the team and residents at every step of our journey. Happy Assisted Living Week is only a highlighted version of what we strive to do the entire year – spread happiness and seize every moment.

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