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Older men and women have always been prone to physical injury by falls and fractures. Specially, with decline in levels of calcium and vitamin D this problem has been increasing. It is researched and it is no surprise to us that older people living in their homes are likely to fall more number of times than older people living in Care homes.


Many factors contribute to this; frailness, physical stamina, physical and mental inactivity, medications and unfamiliarity with the surroundings. All of these contribute to a possibility of a fall and fractures. It is responsibility of the management staff to improvise and change practices in the care homes while taking precautionary measures for prevention and management of falls and preventions.

There are certain set of activities that the old ones can carry out while they need help in some activities, even those of we do daily. It is quite inevitable that they will need physical, emotional and moral support to prevent any such mishaps. Moreover, we require for taking care of those who have been through this for quick healing and faster recovery.

At care homes, one must carry out a risk assessment and resource check before admitting their aging loved ones.  If there were records of previous falls and factures, that has to be revealed for extra caution to be implemented. Number of residents need assistant even while walking despite the tool. Many other signs are loss of weight, back pain, knee pain in addition to arthritis and osteoporosis which can lead to these troubles.

Facture and Falling has also lead to bed-ridden issues and death when it happens to very old people who have almost crossed their 80s. Sometimes, dizziness, diarrhoea, blackouts can become major causes for falls and factures, especially in the old men and women.


Major Steps towards prevention of fall and factures:

Bone Density Scan: A bone density scan is recommended for people with a high risk of osteoporosis

Dietary Supplements: Calcium, Vitamin E and D, Phosphorous and Zinc are some major supplements that one can take to avoid bone problems.

Regular Diet and Exercise: Muscle and Bone are different elements but both need exercise to remain strong. Their strength comes from regular exercising.

Special Hourly Support: Patients of stroke, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, depression and dementia need extra care in this segment. They need help for every hour.


At Papaya Care Assisted Living ,we have had patients with such emergency conditions and also who had physical complaints and ailments or affected by fractures. We take all precautionary measures for them to get familiar with the surroundings and we allow timely assessment of their mental, physical and emotional well-being on day to day basis which makes it easy to identify any need for help or intervention of a major kind. You can give a call to Papaya Care to check out with the structure of prevention and management for the Old and the Ailing.


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