How to Take Care of Elderly Grandparents?

Taking Care of Elderly Grandparents

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Grandparents are a generation that derives joy from the world that they have created for their children and grandchildren. Watching their loved ones or being around them brings them immense happiness. While it is a blessing to have them, one needs to invest time, attention, love, and care in them. When they are home with us, there may be challenges in their care physically, medically, or emotionally. Also, one needs to have the bandwidth of time to be with them. With families getting nuclear and working class, it has become practically impossible to give time to the elderly generation. Sometimes parents also do not wish to be uprooted from their country, wherein children have settled abroad. Whether they are with you at home or in an assisted living facility, we got to cherish them.

How can you take care of your grandparents at home?

  • Spending time with them: Listening to what they have to say, sitting with them in silence, helping them with errands, watching tv with them, or even massaging their feet. Spending time with them will protect them from feelings of loneliness or isolation.
  • Take care of their safety and security: Installing surveillance cameras or installing trackers on their mobiles or smartwatch will help us track their movements.
  • For many, operating mobiles or understanding their simple function is a struggle. They need our patience and guidance in the same.
  • Honor their life: When memories or strength starts to fade away, there can be thoughtful gestures to honor them and their life. Be it making a physical album of photographs of their lifetime, framing a family picture for their room, or inviting their friends home.
  • Constant care: Ensure they take medicines on time, are up to date with doctor appointments and are well hydrated and moisturized. We need to either do it ourselves as primary carers or arrange help to do the same.
  • Visits to friends or holy places: As we age, our wants and desires narrow down to simple things that give peace. Holy shrines or visiting friends bring in immense happiness. Help them achieve that.
  • Help at every step: Fix-up things for them or help them in activities they enjoy, like gardening, shopping, etc.

Why choose assisted living? 7 Reasons to consider

The assisted living facility is a one-stop solution. When it comes to loved ones or grandparents, one does not want to compromise. If the priority is their safety and wellness, knowing well you do not have the bandwidth of time then.

Assisted Living – What is it?

An Assisted Living Facility manages a comfortable lifestyle for elderly as a service at a charge. Accommodation, Food, Caregiver services, housekeeping, laundry, and nursing assistance all is taken care of in such a facility. There are activity schedules charted to keep one mentally engaged. An assisted facility encourages social mingling and festival celebrations and maintains a homely atmosphere.

7 Reasons to choose Assisted Living for Elderly Grandparents Care

  • Safety and Security: An assisted facility gets monitored round the clock, either with staff or cameras. To stay alone in an apartment or being alone the whole day when the family is away at work can be potentially hazardous to this vulnerable generation, especially when unwell or immobile.
  • Medical monitoring: At home, ailments mean rushing to doctors or calling in one, wherein at a facility, a nurse is stationed around the clock to administer medicines on time, check vitals, and take care of all minor ailments. Health emergency cases go to the hospital in an ambulance.
  • A facility provides wholesome living and includes housekeeping, laundry, and festival celebrations.
  • One gets a range of activities to choose from and pursue their interest, and also, there is constant socializing. At home, it can get very lonely and emotionally challenging too.
  • The assisted facility runs errands be it any purchases, groceries, or medicines, and will not require extra resources.
  • Constant Updates: There is always someone around to constantly update the family about their health updates, behavioral changes, or any issues they face.
  • Well-trained staff: The staff at the assisted living facility is well-trained and knows how to take care of grandparents.

PapayaCare Assisted Living – Why It is Best for Your Elderly Grandparents?

PapayaCare is a facility with expertise in caring for elderly citizens. If the question- “How can you take care of your grandparents at home?” bothers you, then it is time to consider a facility like PapayaCare which is a home away from home. As a service provider, PapayaCare offers a retirement lifestyle with various kinds of care. Neuro care and rehabilitation, transitional care, memory care, and ortho care are the main kinds. It provides accommodation, nutritious meals, physiotherapy, medication administration, and all aspects of housekeeping and laundry. The staff organizes activities based on individual capabilities to keep everyone engaged productively and healthily.


Grandparents are all about love and pampering attention from the eyes of children. We often overlook that they have similar needs. Someone to take care of, talk to, or assist with a life with dignity and grace. An assisted living facility will help them live that life without creating much worry for the family on safety and well-being.

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