How to choose senior citizen assisted Living in Surat?

How to choose senior citizen assisted Living in Surat

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The world should come together and be elder-care oriented, whether home, society, community, hospitals, care homes, or assisted care facilities. Sensitization at large around the needs and requirements of old-age citizens is the area that demands focus. Elder care is a space in need of facilitating, and today not just the NGOs but corporates are coming forward to fill it in with their expertise in making it an organized segment. The prediction is that it will grow exponentially in the coming years. In India now, not just metros but also smaller cities are opening up to the concept of Assisted Care Living services that is consumer-driven and resident centred.

Here we look at Surat as one of the desired places for Gujarat due to its proximity to Mumbai and Ahmedabad. For anyone looking for a senior citizen caretaker in Surat, the best is to consider Assisted Care living options. The seniors will not only have the company of fellow residents but also of staff and caretakers. All their needs would be cared for by providing a safe zone, monitored 24*365, healthy food options and a homely atmosphere.

8 Tips for choosing the Best Senior Caretaker for Surat and Nearby Areas

  • Right, Fit: Uprooting anyone and planting them in a new environment can be overwhelming for anyone, irrespective of age. And for a senior resident, the change is challenging mentally. Evaluate the overall culture of the facility. Check if the vibe is similar to what your loved one has been used to in terms of facilities, rooms, languages spoken, fellow residents, activities, food, etc. For example, if the senior is an outdoor person, check out places for walks, gardens nearby, and activity schedules for the resident.
  • Financial arrangements and future Budgeting: Depending on the cost, we need to plan the monthly expenses and even budget for future expenses as it could well be a long-stay tenure.
  • Upkeep and Cleanliness: From corridors to rooms to lounges, it is important to scan through and check for hygiene and cleanliness standards.
  • Safety and security: Check for CCTV cameras on entry and exit points. Also, see if there is enough staff to run the operations and give them assisted service whenever required.
  • Accessibility to medical facilities and hospitals: The facility needs to have hospitals within an accessible distance, an Ambulance on call, and nursing staff on duty to administer medicines, provide first aid and seek essential medical help.
  • Vibes: Check the pleasantness of the staff and if they give you quality time, are they are well groomed, and if the residents you interact with are well-kept. Check the availability of engagements like board games, books, newspapers, and parks nearby.
  • Provision of basic supplies and nourishment services: Check if there is a constant supply of water and electricity, housekeeping & laundry services.
  • Special Care Requirements: If catering to specialized care like post-operative care, dementia care, or ortho rehabilitation, the facility must have access to all the medical supplies and facilities ( hospital beds, physiotherapists, wheelchairs, etc.)

5 Benefits of choosing PapayaCare in Surat

  • Papaya Care facility in Surat is surrounded by beautiful views away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet an easily accessible distance to local markets, railway station, and Surat airport.
  • If looking for an affordable senior caregiver in Surat, Papaya Care is the one-stop solution as packages include food, air-conditioned accommodation, laundry, housekeeping, personal care services, nursing services, festival, and birthday celebrations. It works out economically as compared to metro cities and larger cities.
  • Papaya Care comes with an experience of more than six years of assisted care living facility services. The team is well trained to handle different medical situations of elders.
  • This senior care provider in Surat offers a homely environment with home-cooked food and open fresh air for walks in parks and activities based on individual interests.
  • The team is conversant in Hindi, English, and Gujarati and will cater to all your essential needs.

To summarise, irrespective of the Assisted-living in Surat you choose, it must be a sought-after solution both by the end user and the family. It needs to nurture and nourish the existing lifestyle. When you walk into a new facility, the transition should be smooth if you have up-to-date medical records so the facility can partner with nearby hospitals for continued care. Keep up the patience as a family, and give time for the resident to adjust to the changes. Once settled, take regular feedback, make video calls, and request updates and photographs in-betweens.

Surat, as a city, has everything one needs to sustain comfortably for seniors. Its medical facilities, spacious infrastructure, cultural rootedness, religious festivals, temples, and beautiful landscapes. It is most indeed the city that can make your loved ones’ new beginnings a comfortable experience.

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