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Social Isolation and Loneliness are major health risks. They are not as same as medical health risks but psychological and emotional ones. No one can rate it on a bio meter of how much lonely they feel. Not all care and support that the elderly requires is burdensome or tangible. Most of what they require is unspoken. Out of fear of guilt, shame of burdening someone or for lack of awareness, they will not even ask you why they need you when they need you. Especially, in places like UK where befriending programs have to be arranged, in countries like India, Otla committee or the community gathering is something that still exists, even if it is in the form of high end club meets at cafe. Elders everywhere are lonely, disengaging or neglected. It is a global issue.



Asking why it is important to socialize at this age is something everyone asks. If that is the question, then, it is important to know that loneliness, loss and depression are just one part of the explanation but the major reason is for longevity and life. Creating a close confidante group to share worries, shaming factors and even happy memories as life stories is quite important. Letting it out of the system is what it calls for. And old age leaves you with fewer opportunities to do so. You are least wanted.

A large intervention and expensive engagement in combating with these issues, is not what they look forward to you. Socializing is difficult, because intimacy is something that is a rare commodity for them. All they need is a gathering, a sharing and someone who can enthusiastically volunteer and be with them. Their energies are boosted by people’s presence. Sometimes one need not talk or chat; only the silent, giving presence is enough. Making them feel wanted and needed is something which is important. What are the other ways to engage them are here penned by Papaya Care Assisted Living:


Different ways top approach

  1. Associating with motivational member’s forum: Talking about them; their stories and their struggles as well as fights they can relive their selves.
  2. Meeting like minded or service oriented people: Meeting other ill or middle age people and sharing stories of their middle ages; success stories, failures and learning can help them reconnect.
  3. Taking them to spiritual places and lakeside views: Helping them reconnect with spiritual thoughts and religious songs is a passé. A retreat can go a long way in helping them recoup and heal. Especially, while recovering from illness and mental problems, a good scene in front of eyes soothes.
  4. Engaging with young ones and youthful people: A visit by young men and women and listening to their stories of fears, learning, success, pleasures and achievements will help the old men, women a lot. The feel wanted by being listeners too!
  5. Arranging activities with, for Elders help a lot: Singing to them, cooking with them, reading for them are some of the simple things that they crave for. Old songs, watching old movies are 24 carat gold feelings they cherish. Getting them to cut vegetables, fruits for you make them feel good. Sharing some responsibilities like gardening and sewing or baking can make them feel less lonely by serving you, in fact they feel good when they are help someone, they are wanted and needed.


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