From the Diary of a Dementia Survivor

dementia-survivor-diary-with-old-young-holding-hands|Diary of Dementia|Dementia is not a natural part of the ageing process

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Do and Don’ts from the Diary of a Dementia Survivor



In general terms, as discussed in the blogs previously, Dementia is severe decline in mental ability enough to interfere with daily mental life. And there is no test to determine if someone has dementia. It certainly disrupts their natural routine. It reduces the ability to perform event the daily simple activities. Moreover, the problem with the patient of dementia is deeper because the people around them don’t know how to behave with them. The biggest problem with dementia isn’t how the person with dementia behaves, but that the people do not know how to behave with them anymore. We all have the need more than to be communicated is to be heard and understood.

Here are Dos & Don’ts from a Dementia Patient’s Diary for all who want to know more how it affects:



Dos and Don’ts:

  1. Eye contact is something I am looking forward. I cannot remember your words and sentences at times. Please look into my eyes. My senses still remember but my mind may not
  2. When you go upset and tight about me, it feels the same here. My system is still working. Just that the CPU is corrupt.
  3. Next time when you come to say a ‘Hi’ to me, say with your name. I am Sorry, if I forget what to call you? You can tell me different names you want to be called like. I will be the one to call all that.
  4. Don’t say, “See you later”, if you were not to come back to me again on a day like that. Say, “Good bye!”
  5. I want to slow down most of the times by doing things I always wanted to do. Help me do it.
  6. My moods do change.
  7. Now, do read the don’ts that follow.
  8. I don’t judge; I can go wrong. Forgive me. Help me analyses things rather than getting frustrated,
  9. I am confused when I drive back. Pause and help me reflect rather than shouting or reprimanding
  10. I don’t like being in company of people. Sometimes forgetting shames me. Help me cope up! Don’t force me.
  11. I can harm myself. I once forgot a cigarette after a puff and put it in the closet? Please take care of me. Don’t reprimand me and take away its pleasure for it.
  12. My clock and my calendar don’t work for me all the time. Make way for it by not turning these tools down. They help. Just remind me to see it.
  13. Take my photographs when I am doing things I want to do and give me soon. I might forget what I wanted to be doing 😉
  14. Please do take care of yourself while you might forget with me that you exist.
  15. Every place in house belongs to me. I keep things everywhere, can you keep a track? Please Do!

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