Assisted Living Homes vs Living at Home for Seniors

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Why Assisted Living ?

Approximately 20% of seniors over 80 years old are affected by dementia. These elders are often not only anxious and depressed but also confused. They often require a daily caretaker to help them with daily chores and activities.

For many people with busy careers, taking care of their aging #senior parents 24/7 is simply not an option. Instead, they must rely on oftentimes unreliable and unqualified #caretakers to care for their loved parents. Here at PapayaCare Assisted Living, we have a staff of trained professionals to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of properly so that you don’t have to constantly worry about their health and security.

Social Benefits

At PapayaCare Assisted Living Services at Ahmedabad, seniors can socialize with others more frequently than they could stuck in their own homes. There are scheduled outings so seniors can enjoy the outdoors and still participate in fun activities. We also schedule several activities regularly to keep them engaged.

Safer Environment

At PapayaCare, our highly qualified nursing staff is available 24/7 to assist the seniors and supervise over them. Oftentimes at home, seniors are left alone for long periods of time and could get into an accident.

Help with Daily Activities, Housekeeping, and Nutrition

PapayaCare staff assists with activities such as eating, bathing, and dressing and offers nutritious, healthy meals tailored to ensure that your loved ones are eating healthy. Our meals are specially prepared to meet the needs of each senior at our home. We also take care of all the housekeeping.

In Conclusion

Assisted Living Homes such as PapayaCare offer not only reassurance that your elders are being properly cared for, but also ensure that all the seniors’ needs are being met. At PapayaCare, we guarantee that your loved ones are not only being properly fed and safe, but that they are also having a great time socializing!

For those who wish to be assisted in their own homes, we also offer in-home health care and transitional care for those who were just recently discharged from the hospital and still require assistance.

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