Seniors Retirement Living Care Home

Seniors Retirement Living Care Home

Elderly Retirement Home

Seniors Retirement Living Care Home

If you want a life without the hassles of commuting for daily needs and medical appointments and looking for a peaceful and secure living space, then this is the place to be. Here you have the team to track all your needs and provide you with the assistance required to get going. Nutritious meals, engagement activities, opportunities to explore your hobbies or go out and meet your friends, you have it all. Leave the worries to us and live it up- New beginnings!

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Retirement Living Care

Embrace a fulfilling retirement with PapayaCare. Enjoy a worry-free lifestyle.

The highlights of Retirement Living Care are

24 Hour Nurse

24/7 on-site nursing


Personalized caregiver assistance


Laundry and housekeeping

Planned Trips

Errand assistance (online orders, bank visits, etc.)

Activity Programs

Recreational activities

Physiotherapy Counseling Services

On-demand services (hair, salon, therapy, counseling

Birthday celebrations

Celebrations for birthdays and festivals

Wi-Fi Connection

Amenities: Wi-Fi, cable TV, mobile recharge

Additional Paid Services

Individual hobby opportunities

Mobility Access

Wheelchair access in rooms and bathrooms

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