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Papayacare Assisted Living provides a comfortable space for your loved ones wherein they feel at home, heard, cared for, and understood. Their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual stays our top priority. Here all their needs get much-needed attention.

Our staff comes with extensive training and expertise in senior care. Everyone, irrespective of age, medical condition, caste, gender, or religion, is welcome here.

When you are here, you are guaranteed:

  • Clean, safe, and secure environment.
  • Wheelchair and mobility access
  • Nursing assistance and medical monitoring
  • Doctors visit(scheduled and on-call)
  • Daily activity programs like bhajans, games, walks, songs, dance, art, etc.
  • Shared caregivers
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Festivals and Birthday celebrations
  • Nutritious home-cooked style vegetarian meals
  • Wi-Fi connection and Cable Tv
  • Additional paid services like running errands, visits to doctors, banks, etc
  • Occasional planned trips outside the facility to temples, gardens, picnics etc.

Take the first step towards a better tomorrow.

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